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What we do

Community and Enterprise Development Against Stigma (CEDAS) Trust is a Zimbabwe charity that I founded and endowed in 2002 and that is now well established with a largely Zimbabwean Board and Management. 
Cedas Trust is is currently supporting 100 mostly HIV-positive children and their families. 

For more info click here:  www.cedastrust.org.zw

How we do it

The children reside with their mothers, if she is still alive, or with relatives. We provide education, supplemental health care, psychosocial support and counseling. In addition we now are training the caregivers and still surviving mothers in skills that are in demand in the labour market and for micro-enterprises, for which we also provide an initial grant.

The program is managed by Community and Enterprise Development Against Stigma (CEDAS) Trust. It is a Zimbabwe Trust that I founded in 2002 It has a Board, a small staff, and an office in Harare. Apart from income from the endowment that I provided to CEDAS Trust, we are receiving support from friends and supporters. It is currently being registered as an NGO in the US and the Netherlands in order to make donations tax exempt.

CEDAS Trust welcomes contributions of any size and duration

Donations are exempt from US income tax under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Code

How the money is managed

CEDAS USA is the organization that raises the funds and transfers them to CEDAS Trust in Zimbabwe. It is exempt from US taxation as it is a Section 503 (c) (3) corporation.

CEDAS USA can accept donations of any size by check or electronic transfers; or in the form of shares transferred to a CEDAS brokerage account. These shares will then be sold and the proceeds used for CEDAS programs.
Donations in cash can be sent to CEDAS USA in the form of checks or via electronic transfer


Checks made out to CEDAS
640 Race St.
Denver, CO 80206
Or electronic transfer to Public Service Credit Union
Beneficiary Name: CEDAS
Address: Public Service Credit Union 
7055 East Evans Ave.
Denver CO 80224
Account number 9100257102
ABA # 302075830
Donations in the form of shares can be transferred to the following account at TD Ameritrade:

Account name: "Community and Enterprise Development Again Stigma - CEDAS"

Account number: 867918927, TD number 320D


or by check to the Denver address above.


Please send me an e-mail when you make a donation at at binswangerh@gmail.com




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