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Curriculum Vitae of:
Hans P Binswanger-Mkhize

Hans Binswanger-Mkhize is a well known agricultural development economist. After a long career in the World Bank he now works as an independent consultant from South Africa, where he is honorary professor at the Institute for Economic Research on Innovation at Tshwane University of Technology. He is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences and of the American Agricultural Economics Association, a recipient of the Elmhirst Medal of the International Association of Agricultural Economists, and is listed in "Who is Who in Economics."

He has published on a wide range of topics:
The economics of technology generation and its impact, food security, agricultural mechanization, the evolution of farming systems in Africa, the prospects for African and Indian Agriculture,Ā farmer behavior under risk, agricultural supply response, the impact of rural finance on agricultural investment, production relations in agriculture, the world history of land accumulation and land reform, the political economy of agricultural and agrarian policies, agriculture and food policy, land policy and land reform, community-driven development, rural development strategy, and approaches to combat HIV and AIDS.

Current positions:
Adjunct Professor, College of Economics and Management, Professor Extraordinaire, Department of Agricultural Economics, Extension and Rural Development, University of Pretoria, South Africa, China Agricultural University, Beijing, Visiting Professor at Integrated Research and Development (IRADE), New Delhi, India

Past Positions:
World Bank, various research and management positions, from 1980-2004
Principal Economist, ICRISAT, Hyderabad, India, 1975-1980
Research Associate, Economic Growth Center, Yale University, 1978-1980
Research Associate, University of Minnesota, 1973-1974

Certificate in Political Sciences, University of Paris, 1964
M.S. in Agricultural Sciences, Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule, Zurich, Switzerland, 1969
Ph.D., Economics, North Carolina State University, 1973

Elmhirst Medal of the International Association of Agricultural Economist, 2006
Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Sciences, 2002
Fellow, American Agricultural Economics Association (AAEA), 1997
Distinguished Alumnus, College of Business and Economics, N.C. State University, 2001
Who is Who in Economics, Edited by Mark Blaug, 1986 and 1996
Quality of Research Discovery from the AAEA, 1988
Quality of Research Discovery from the AAEA, 1979

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